A+ English
Pre-Nursery (12-23 Months)
48 LESSONS - A+ English Pre-Nursery (12-23 Months)
 Homeschooling, Primary Schools, Language Centers
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+English Program
A+ English Pre-Nursery is an English language program designed for young children who are 12-23 months old. Students develop English language skills within an enjoyable academic environment. It is an introductory phonics program and develops English skills and vocabulary in a combined action and music oriented setting. Class learning is reinforced through a wide range of activities which have been designed for the students within the pre-nursery age range. The program is taught by native English speaking teachers. A guardian is present in the classroom with each student.
Upon completing any 48 lessons students will show an incredible improvement in all English skills. Guardians receive a beautiful handout at the end of each lesson. The colourful handout presents what was taught in the lesson under the headings: Thematic Activity, Songs, Home Activity, Phonics and Vocabulary. In addition, guardians receive a colourful picture vocabulary and phonics card.
When selecting 48 lessons, it is advised that 8 lessons from 6 different themes be selected. The themes from which lessons may be selected include All About Me, Food, Location and Space, Numbers, Our World, Animals, Summer Fun and School. All lessons have been designed and developed with the intent of providing a positive English educational experience.

With the guidance of a teacher at school and/or a parent at home, it is expected that as a student completes 48 lessons in A+ English Pre-Nursery (12-23 months old) he/she will:

  • develop and expand thematic vocabulary
  • develop visual acuity
  • recognize and name colours
  • name objects and pictures
  • practice basic counting
  • become aware of the shape of letters
  • become aware of phonetic sounds
  • speak slowly and clearly
A+ English Pre-Nursery (12-23 months old) may be taught by qualified teachers or by parents or guardians. Those teaching the program should attempt to make use of a large variety of English language based activities to help develop practical life, cognitive, motor, language, social and sensory skills. The teachers should have a complete understanding of the stages of child development; patient and loving personalities; and the ability to work as a partner with the parents and guardians of the students.
Lesson Organization
All lessons are best taught in a colourful and tidy environment. A+ English Pre-Nursery (12-23 months old) classes should be conducted in a highly professional manner with well-established and properly sequenced lessons. Such professionalism allows for the learning environment to be optimized for the students. In a school or language centre, small class sizes ensure both a great deal of student-teacher interaction and the opportunity for the teacher to implement the use of numerous activities. Parents and guardians receive a beautiful handout at the end of each lesson.