The A+ Story

A+ Education Limited is a leader in education. We believe in providing the absolute best educational products possible. Our passion for education ensures the very best high-quality products available.

A+ Education programs, materials and resources have been used in schools, education centres, and other professional institutions. A+ Education proudly serves students of all ages, from pre-nursery to adult level with intellectually relevant products that meets the needs of student learners. A+ Education has been established for all educational needs.  

A+ Education Limited is the brainchild of Vaughan and John Blaney. The two brothers have more than half a century of international experience between them as teachers and school principals; through which they have attained a wealth of firsthand knowledge about education. They come from a family of educators with their father being the former Minister of Education and Higher Education for the Province of New Brunswick, Canada; their mother a former primary school teacher; their brother presently holds the title Director of the Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour Org Unit : ECLS - Systems and Data Support (Unit) in the Government of New Brunswick, Canada; and their sister has held numerous titles within the education field; at present she holds the title of International Language Team Leader.

In 2005, Vaughan and John decided to take their passion for education and use it to start something new and exciting. The outcome is A+ Education. Over the years the A+ Team expanded to include over twenty full-time and part-time members. Prior to A+ Education taking on its new and exciting direction of being an online educational products provider, A+ Education successfully operated three English language education centers: Alpha Plus Education Centre ;  Alpha Plus Education Centre (Po Lam); and  Alpha Plus Education Centre (Homantin). They were registered with the Hong Kong Education Bureau as English language schools EDB#567671; EDB#589330 and EDB#589292 respectively. A+ Education has designed the word game app A+ Zip Zap; entered a partnership with numerous schools and the YMCA in Hong Kong to teach English to their students; organized workshops for teachers and parents; and opened two online stores with more than 20,000 pages of beautifully designed products.